Darryl Miller & Forrest Tancer Launch Wine Business Consultancy


Experienced Wine Professionals Team up to Advise Wine Producers




HEALDSBURG, CA, January 2013 — Darryl Miller and Forrest Tancer, both long-time experienced wine professionals, are announcing the launch of their new wine business consultancy Forte“47.” A brand builder and winegrower respectively, Miller and Tancer are offering producers of fine wine—including start-ups, evolving and established wineries—their services in viticulture, winemaking, wine marketing and brand building.

“We want to share our expertise to help wineries succeed in the new global marketplace and to further the passion and energy that originally attracted us to the wine business more than 30 ago,” said Miller.

“In addition, we want to help people avoid many of the pitfalls that we have learned through our years of experience in the business,” said Tancer. “There are more wine products available today than ever before. We have practical knowledge to assist wineries in developing a clear focus on the individuality of their products and how to position them in this complex market.”

Brand building is Miller’s forte and winegrowing is Tancer’s. Both were born in ’47.

Miller and Tancer work together to advance quality wine in global marketplace. “We have decided to become involved with the new generation of winemakers, helping them in their goal to make wines that will please their customers and be successful in the marketplace,” said Tancer. “Because an industry is only as good as the new people who are coming into it, both Darryl and I want to see the energy and passion that drove our generation into the business continue to evolve.”

We offer functional consulting about all aspects of winemaking, including wine style, and winegrowing—from developing vineyards to purchasing fruit. We can provide fresh ideas to develop a product that speaks to its own terroir and at the same time is user friendly for consumers and fits into the global scene. Brand building and marketing are as important as winemaking in today’s world.”

Miller and Tancer have a shared passion in the success of quality wine. They have a similar perspective regarding the wine business. Both have been widely exposed to the global wine industry and have practical knowledge to share with American wineries. Originally meeting at Iron Horse Vineyards in the early 1980s when Miller brokered the wines, they recently reconnected and decided to work in tandem, offering a wide range of worthy wine business expertise.

Darryl Miller, Brand Builder

Darryl Miller is a fine wine brand builder with more than 35 years of experience in strategic planning, brand positioning, sales and marketing. He knows how to grow volumes and build quality distribution. He owned his own wine brokerage business for 14 years, covering all of Northern California, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the northern border, including the Central Valley, before selling it to the Henry Wine Group (HWG) in 1995.

He continued to work for HWG as a portfolio manager, handling import portfolios and iconic domestic producers. He furthered his expertise in all aspects of brand building, from fiscal management and budgets to market segments, logistics, margins, press, point of sale and strategic planning. He managed $28 million in sales portfolios. After 16 years, he left to start his own marketing business. He works individually and in conjunction with Forrest Tancer.

Forrest Tancer, Winegrower

Forrest Tancer has more than 35 years of experience in winegrowing in Northern California. He planted the original 110-acre Iron Horse Vineyard when he worked for Rodney Strong in the early 1970s, as well as his family’s T-bar-T Vineyard in the Alexander Valley. He became partners with Barry and Audrey Sterling in 1978, directing vineyard and winemaking operations for almost 30 years.

Tancer learned winemaking “from the ground up.” Born in San Francisco, he grew up in the wine country, spending summers working in the vineyards at his family’s ranch. Forrest apprenticed with Rodney Strong at Sonoma Vineyards, beginning his long career in the wine business. In 1990, Time Magazine called him a “leader of a new generation of California winemakers.” Recently, Tancer has refocused his energy to the cooperative venture with Miller. He also works independently as a winegrowing/winemaking consultant.

Recipe for success in the wine business
“Today, wine producers at all levels require many ingredients to create long-term success,” said Miller. “Forrest and I know how to put those ingredients together.”

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